Press Releases

Nitrogen Technologies Of Canada (NTOC) received orders for more than 80 of its compact nitrogen delivery trailers during the initial product launch.

The new trailers employ lightweight Type III composite cylinders that are certified by Transport Canada and the US Department of Transportation for 6250 psi/43 mPa service pressure. In this manner, compact trailers with over 32,000 SCF/900 SCM nitrogen storage capacities can be delivered by a conventional pickup truck for all aspects of oilfield, gas field, and pipeline maintenance operations. Larger trailers with nitrogen storage capacity in excess of 355,000 SCF/10,054 SCM are also available.

Camille Lagacé, President of NTOC, initiated the research and development program for the compact trailers and explained the strong market demand, “Regulatory pressures and emerging industry trends are mandating better safety practices within the energy industry, and in particular, the use of inert gas for purging and pressure testing during well, facility and pipeline maintenance activities. Mobile nitrogen delivery systems reduce the time and cost to perform these critical safety procedures.”

NTOC is committed to establishing fill stations throughout Alberta and British Columbia in 2009 to keep up with demand. NTOC also expects demand for delivery systems for compressed natural gas and hydrogen.

NTOC and its parent company, Renaissance Supervision Ltd., have provided drilling, completion, optimization, maintenance and construction services, in the energy sector for over 30 years.

The Type III cylinders are provided by Structural Composites Industries LLC (SCI) of Pomona, CA. SCI and its predecessor companies have manufactured over 3 million Type III composite cylinders since 1957 for use in aerospace, commercial aircraft, fireman breathing air packs, natural gas vehicles, and hydrogen vehicles with zero failures in service.