About Nitrogen Technologies

Nitrogen Technologies Of Canada is committed to bringing a safe and secure method of compressed gas transportation to the market. NTOC funded the research and development program knowing there was a need for larger volume cylinders for bulk transportation. The new composite cylinders that have been produced meet and exceed all regulations set in place by the United States Department Of Transportation (US DOT) and Transport Canada (TC). The composite cylinders are certified for use with AIR, COMPRESSED (UN1002) / ARGON, COMPRESSED (UN1006) / HELIUM, COMPRESSED (UN1046) / HYDROGEN, COMPRESSED (UN1049) / NITROGEN, COMPRESSED (UN1066) / COMPRESSED GAS, N.O.S. (UN1956) / METHANE, COMPRESSED; or NATURAL GAS, COMPRESSED with high methane content (UN1971) / OXYGEN, COMPRESSED (UN1072) / COMPRESSED GAS, OXIDIZING, N.O.S. (UN3156).

This approved product gives the end user peace of mind knowing that the item will not fail while providing years of service. NTOC is able to configure a transportation system to safely meet the client’s needs while more importantly meeting the transport regulations. NTOC will be establishing fixed fill stations in centers as needed and mobile fill stations for project use.